2 months left…

Here we are… 2 months left… Time goes fast.

I bought a one way ticket to Brazil and no way back. I want to be free to come back when I want : 3 months, 6 months, 400 days ? I want to travel without the pressure of “I had to come back this day”.

Where I’m going ? The starting country is Brazil and after South America and maybe Central America.

What I’m going to do ? A little tour… A mix between a lot of BJJ and some volunteering in farms or others places.

I will start in Fortaleza to train with a BJJ friend. After I will go in a cacao farm in Bahia. Then I will train in Rio during one month. After Rio, I’m probably going to Uruguay to see a bjj friend too. And after…

It’s only the beginning… I need to figure out the follow-up.

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12 December 2015