400 days

The 17 march 2017 was the 400th day of my travel. I was thinking to come back to Europe after 400 days but as I stayed a long time in Cusco, I decided to travel a little bit more. I was supposed to go in Ecuador this month (in March) but due to the floods in the north of Peru, I couldn’t travel by bus. I had to wait or take a plane but this solution was not in my budget, so I decided to stay more in Peru and I came back to Cusco. I’m now waiting that the El Niño climate phenomenon stops to be able to travel to Ecuador.
I don’t know when I will come back to Europe but I promised to my sister that I will come back to see her daughter before she is 1 year. She is borned during my trip last year in October and I have never seen her in real for the moment.

And as I find my best belgian beer in Lima, I celebrated my 400th day with this one!!
Happy 400th day!

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17 March 2017