Azul Wazi Orphan’s house – Oropesa – Cusco – Peru

In Cusco, I met Matt who use to train at 10th Planet in the USA. He did a project in Cusco to give classes of BJJ/No gi in an orphan’s house. He asked me to go with him to this place situated at 1h in bus from the city Cusco.
I met a group of kids and teens between 6 and 16 years old. There were no mat, just grass ground. I started by a warming up composed of standing up games.
After that, Matt gave an arm drag technique which end on the ground before we started a sumo game. This game is composed of 2 teams and the goal is to do some sumo fights. For each fight we called one kid from each team. They have to push each other outside of a delimited area. We did a lot of Sumo fights before to take a snack and we finished by giving an armbar technique.
To finish the class, I asked them who want to fight, only 3 little warriors accepted. The last started to fight and 1 minute after run away… Am I frightening ?
Anyway, it was a really good and warm experience.

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14 December 2016

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