Brazil 021 – Chicago – USA

When I met Hannette Staack in a Bonanza Women Camp, I thought that  I had to go to Chicago go train in her academy. She’s a really good instructor, though woman and amazing person. In addition, I knew that there were 3 though and light girls who were training with her.

So after Costa Rica, I went to Chicago to train one week. It was really hard after too much days without training. I felt really weak…Especially the first evening after I travelled during the night.

But it was nice, fun and I enjoyed rolling with the girls, Hannette, her husband and the guys. I had a good time. Thanks.

When I left, Hanette give me a special gift : a Gi “Hannette Staack”. I was so happy and I’m still happy. Although I wear it at the European’s championship and I think it bring me luck. Thank you Hannette.

Check this academy : Brazil-021 Chicago

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23 June 2015