Visited mats

I met Eva in a women camp. She organised a seminar with Luanna Alzuguir near Munich. It was really a cool seminar. I used one back technic of Luanna that we learned at this seminar during the European championship in 2016. Thanks Luanna ūüôā

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04 February 2012

I’ve first met Ana in a competition and after in a women camp (with Yasmin Sewgobin). We have became good friends and we like to roll together so I decided to go to her place in Hambourg. Ana Yagues is really a strong woman : mom, teacher, academy manager and…

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10 January 2012

In August 2011, I participated to my first BJJ Women Camp organized by Yasmin Sewgobind! Before¬†this camp, I didn’t like to train and speak to others BJJ¬†women ! After this camp, I realized how to train with other women was really important. I realized that we share a passion and…

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15 August 2011