Fernando Soluço – Team Alpha – Alliance – Guayaquil – Ecuador

I finally left Peru after 7 months and a little fine (I stayed more days than allowed in my passeport).  I took a bus from Cusco to Zorritos for 43 hours. Cusco-Lima : 21h, 30 min in Lima to change the bus, and Lima-Zorritos : 22h. I planned to train in Zorritos, in a small dojo near to the beach but when I arrived the owner said me he couldn’t train so there were no BJJ class and I went there for nothing. It was sad because it seemed beautiful to train there. I decided to stay one night in this city before to take a bus to go to Guayaquil in Ecuador.

I travelled by night, I was at 3am at the border and arrived around 9am in Guayaquil. I rested before going to train at 5:30pm until 8pm.

I went to team Alpha (from Alliance) with Fernando Soluço, who is a Brazilian who lives in Ecuador since long time and I think who has helped a lot to develop the Brazilian jiu-jitsu in this country.

I did 3 classes, I met Karin, Fernando’s wife, who is a brown belt of my weight. I’m always happy to meet women of my category. The techniques of the classes was about kimoura trap and were good. Fernando made 2 classes and Joff, an other professor, made the 2 followings (I only did the first one). There were a lot of black belt guys. After Brazil, it’s the second place in South America where I saw that.

I came back the next day at 10am to train with Karin and on the evening for one class.

I have learned good techniques, had fun and did a lot of toughs rolls.

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09 May 2017