Fuerza Suave – Nico Curich and Diego Yule – Cusco – Peru

After living in the Sacred Valley, I came to the city of Cusco. I have started to train at the academy Fuerza Suave, located at the Bunker, 2 months ago and I’m still there. All the team and the professors Nico Curich and Diego Yule are really sympathetic. As Cusco is a touristic city, there are always a lot of people from all around the world from all the BJJ level, who come there.
Unfortunately I have hurt my knee and had to make a 2-3 weeks break. Now it’s still hurting but better, so I train smoothly.
I now use to train at this altitude (3300m) but I still feel it during the strong efforts and though fights where you have to move a lot, with small and strong guys.
I plan to stay more time in this city for some personal projects before to continue my travel.

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07 December 2016

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