Fuerza Suave – Urubamba – Peru

I planned to go to Cusco in Peru and met Estephano who does bjj and lives in the Sacred Valley. I went to his house surrounded by mountains and nature in the community of Arin.

We started to train together on simple carpets in his house. Some days after, I have started to meet his friends who came at home to roll too… We had a lot of fun and burnt a little bit our knees.

Estephano took me to train to Urubamba in a dojo situated in a beautiful natural environment. I met Nico who teach too in the city of Cusco and Dany who teaches the classes in Urubamba. This day I gave the class and after we rolled. I came back there an other time to train and roll with all the team of Cusco. It was really nice.

The dojo of Urubamba

The environment exterior

Interior of the dojo

Training with the team of Cusco

Training with Estephano

Training in the house of Estephano

By the way, if you are visiting Cusco and you want to do some visits off the beaten path, contact Estephano through his travel agency : Andean encounters.

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02 November 2016

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