Iván Alvarado – Equipo Cohab – Quilpue – Chile

When I was in Buenos Aires, I went to the Mercosur tournament, with my Uruguayan friend Fausto who competed there. His semi-final opponent was a Chilien from the Equipo Cohab who I met again in Viña del Mar. He trains in Viña at the noon class and give the class on the evening in his own academy in Quilpue, which is a city near from Viña.

He invited me to train with his class. After a strong warming up, he teached techniques from the half-guard and then we had some rolls.

After the class we went to a place to eat a chorillana, which is a typical plate from Chile. It’s a plate for 2, basically composed of french fries, oignons cooked and meat.

Two chorillanas, one traditional and an other one with variation of cheese and sausages

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11 July 2016