John Boyle – Playa Venao BJJ – Playa Venao – Panamá

Carlos Barreto, the professor of Gracie Barra from Medellin gave me the contact of John Boyle who owns the academy Playa Venao BJJ. He has opened his academy in an hostel in front of the see in Playa Venao, which is such a beautiful and peaceful place. This was heavenly.
I arrived late on Friday so I didn’t participate to the class. On Saturday, we did an open mat after a kid class and just after that I went to the swimming pool in front of the sea and then I rolled again with John’s wife, Carla who is a purple belt. On Sunday, we watched live the finals of the IBJJF worlds championship. And on monday, I gave the class with the teens.

Before to move to Playa Venao, to follow his dreams of working and living near the see, John Boyle and a friend of him had opened an academy Alley Cat Fitness Foundation to provide free training and youth mentoring in Casca Viejo in Panamá City, which is a awesome project to help kids.

This experience made me think that you can realize your dreams even it’s not always easy. Playa Venao is a small place but I know that John and Carla will fullfill their dreams.

If you like surfing and doing jiu-jitsu, I highly recommend this place. And if you are a family, it’s a really good option too.
And check out because they organize BJJ and surf camps. Maybe it could interest you. Don’t miss it…

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03 June 2017