Luis Pereira – Silverback Jiujitsu Team – Tarija – Bolivia

I read in a blog that Tarija was a city not too touristic and a sympathetic city to go in Bolivia. As I found a BJJ team, I decided to go there for my first city in this country.

I find a contact on facebook and wrote him. Luis offered to host me and asked me if I could give the class, because him and his friend Christian were blue belt and they would enjoy to have a black belt here.

I stayed almost 2 weeks and gave classes every day, no gi on monday, wednesday and friday and gi on tuesday and thursday. We did a lot of basics positions and in a lot of classes, people didn’t have a gi, so I had to show basics without using the gi and the grips. It was a good exercise for me. The ambiance of the team was really sympathetic like the city.

My host, Luis and his family were really friendly too. They showed me the city, the countryside and they made me discover many different and typical dishes of the region. I ate a lot and fortunately I did jiu-jitsu and some crossfit to manage my weight.


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12 August 2016