My professor and coach Axel

I have met Axel Vankimmenade in 2009.
I was a blue belt and I started to train in an other academy : Malicia Team.

We started to train together and decided to compete a lot.
He fastly became my coach and made my BJJ basics stronger.
He’s why I’m here today. He’s the guy who increased my level in bjj and changed my life.

He helps me to reach the 3rd place at the IBJJF world’s championships in 2011, the 1st place at the IBJJF European Championships in 2016 and a lot of other competitions.
He helps me for so many others things…
He’s a good intructor, a good referee, a good coach and my best friend…

I just want to say :
Thank you to believe and have believed in me !
Thank you for the work done with me, for all the coaching.
Without you, today, I’ll not be there in BJJ, in my life and I’ll probably not do this travel.
Thank you !

And happy birthday !

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29 July 2016