Santiago was my first city in Chile. A friend from Holland, Behnaz, who is a bjj globetrotters too, help me to find a jiu-jitsuka who can host me. I went with him to train in the Cohab team from Santiago. I trained 4 times, gave the technic of the Tuesday…

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26 June 2016

I found 2 members of bjj globetrotters in Mendoza and with their help, I met Marcelo who offered to hosting me. I landed in his family (his wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs) and it was really nice. Marcelo (on the top and right of the photo) is a rugby…

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21 June 2016

Do you know you can freeze bananas ? When I was in Brazil, I bought many bananas but they started quickly to became overripe. I decided to figure out if I could freeze them and I discovered how to do it and that is a really good trick to make…

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17 June 2016

Sometimes you meet women who do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Aerial Silk… So good… Due to a back injury when I was a white belt (around 2005), I decided to do a break in bjj and start an other sport : aerial silk. I did it during 2-3 years and stopped…

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14 June 2016

For my second part of staying in Buenos Aires, I was hosted by Pamela Bovida, a brown belt, who I met on the facebook group Bjj Globetrotter. I trained with her and her boyfriend at Nova Uniao at United MMA Fight Center. The first day, I trained at 4pm and…

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25 May 2016

My friend Fausto from Uruguay has to go to Buenos Aires to do a bjj tournament. So I went with him. He introduced me to the Sukata academy of Buenos Aires and the Sukata BJJ women. We travelled by night, bus and ferry and we arrive the morning at 8am….

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21 May 2016

I’m arrived at Montevideo to see a bjj friend, Fausto and train with him in his academy Sukata with his professor Pablo Solis. I will stay here 2 weeks. People are really friendly. Today, I gave the class with basic techniques that I like a lot. And after we had…

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12 May 2016

Porto Alegre was my last city in Brazil before going to Uruguay. I didn’t know, where to train and I found Mario Reis Academy on google map. I knew his name but I didn’t really know about him. I know more about bjj women than men. So I read his…

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07 May 2016

Today, the wife of the owner of the jiu-jitsu hostel pick me up to train to Torres, the city at the side of Passo de Torres. It was nice, there were a good group of women and strong guys. We did a lot of rolls after a football warming-up.

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06 May 2016

I was walking near Campeche during the week-end and two times I saw a jiu-jitsu guys. How I recognized them like jiu-jitsu guys? Easy… The first one was on a bike with a gi wrapped with his black belt. The second one wear a bag made from gi fabrics and jiu-jitsu…

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04 May 2016

You know Acai, but do you know the power of Cupuaçu ?
Discover more about this superfruit.
– /// –
Vous connaissez l’Acai mais connaissez-vous les bienfaits du Cupuaçu ?
Découvrez ce super fruit.

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21 April 2016

I went 3 days to Brasilia to see my friend Julio. He trained in Belgium at Malicia Team and taught english boxing at Malicia Training Center. When Julio went back to Brazil, he decided to open his own academy named “Life Projects” with the following sports : Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,…

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14 April 2016