Porto Alegre was my last city in Brazil before going to Uruguay. I didn’t know, where to train and I found Mario Reis Academy on google map. I knew his name but I didn’t really know about him. I know more about bjj women than men. So I read his…

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07 May 2016

Today, the wife of the owner of the jiu-jitsu hostel pick me up to train to Torres, the city at the side of Passo de Torres. It was nice, there were a good group of women and strong guys. We did a lot of rolls after a football warming-up.

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06 May 2016

I was walking near Campeche during the week-end and two times I saw a jiu-jitsu guys. How I recognized them like jiu-jitsu guys? Easy… The first one was on a bike with a gi wrapped with his black belt. The second one wear a bag made from gi fabrics and jiu-jitsu…

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04 May 2016

You know Acai, but do you know the power of Cupuaçu ?
Discover more about this superfruit.
– /// –
Vous connaissez l’Acai mais connaissez-vous les bienfaits du Cupuaçu ?
Découvrez ce super fruit.

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21 April 2016

I went 3 days to Brasilia to see my friend Julio. He trained in Belgium at Malicia Team and taught english boxing at Malicia Training Center. When Julio went back to Brazil, he decided to open his own academy named “Life Projects” with the following sports : Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,…

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14 April 2016

I did a volunteering in a Cacao farm during 3 and half weeks. This farm is located in Bahia between Ubaitaba and Itacare. To go there, you have to cross a river and after you arrive in a place with a beautiful landscape, a lot of nature and no electricity….

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03 April 2016

Today is Friday Saint and it’s a Holliday in Brazil, so a lot of BJJ academies are closed because everybody is travelling or resting or having fun. Luckily, I’ve found some guys who were training today whose one woman black belt and light-feather (so my weight). It was a great…

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26 March 2016

Today I wanted to train at Beto & Cia with Roberto Ferreira because he’s the professor of my professor Bruno Pedras. Unfortunately when you travel, you forget that there are some hollidays and this weekend is Easter so everything will be closed like a lot of bjj academies. And the class…

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25 March 2016

I arrived this morning after a long night in bus, travelling from São Mateus to Belo Horizonte. I trained at noon in the main place of Gracie Barra in Belo Horizonte. Wow so many Black belts… And this afternoon, one training in gi and one with no gi at BH…

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24 March 2016

I have made a step in São Mateus, in Espírito Santos. Why this city ? Because it’s just in the middle of my way between Ubaitaba and Rio, there are some BJJ Academies and it’s a small city which is better after 3 weeks of nature and disconnection. I didn’t…

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22 March 2016

Today I have left my cacao farm one night to train Jiu-Jitsu in Itacaré. This is a small city in Bahia with a lot of beautiful beaches. It’s a place to visit, hang out even I’m just here to train. Tomorrow training at 6h30 and after I will return in…

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15 March 2016