Sniper – Luis del Carpio and Isai Luis Ypanaque Pereira – Tacna – Peru

When I was in Cusco, Paul who was hosting me, decided to participate to a championship in Tacna in the South of Peru (14 hours in bus from Cusco). As I trained a lot with him, he asked me to go there to coach him. Wilmet an other student decided to go with us to compete too.

Before they registered, I asked to the tournament’s organizer, what was the weight categories and in the conversation, the organizer asked me if I wanted to fight with the girls. I answered than it was not really fair because I was a black belt (there were only 2 girls white belt registered). When he discovered this, he asked me if I wanted to give a class in his academy, Sniper. And fore sure, I agreed it. As his gym was closed this day, I gave a class in his house, the morning of the competition, with some of his students. His house contained a church at the first floor, it was a big hall and he put some mats, enough to give a class. We did just some techniques because every students planned to compete on the afternoon.

On the afternoon, we went to the tournament, it was a small tournament with one area of mats, but really sympathetic and familial with a lot of guys from Chile and Peru. A lot of white belts, some blue belts, one superfight of purple belts and one superfight brown/black belts. I met again 2 guys from Caes De Rua, than I met during my trip in Antofogasta, in Chile.

I coached my friends from Cusco, Paul who won the first place and Wilmet the third one, and for both it was their first competition… After that we went to eat a good peruvian plate in the street prepared by one “mamita”, we celebrated and we rested before to take the bus the following day.

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18 April 2017

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