Tony de Souza – Seminar – Cusco – Peru

I had the opportunity to meet Tony De Souza and participate to 2 seminars with him.
I didn’t know this guy before travelling and when I was in Bolivia, people started to ask me : are you going to Peru ? Will you train with Tony de Souza ?
I discovered he was the first UFC fighter from Peru. One of his technique is called : the Peruvian necktie which is a modified guillotine choke… And he calls in style of fighting : Cholitzu, which is a fusion between the words jiu-jitsu and cholo, a term which refers to people with indigenous heritage.
He’s now retired and don’t really train anymore so I didn’t see him in 4 months in Peru but after this time, I was lucky and he went 2 times to Cusco and gave 2 seminars really good with good tips.

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09 February 2017