Why travel ?

I have almost 35 years old, no job for the moment, no boyfriend, no kids! So it’s time! Yes it’s the momentum for doing this dream which is in my mind since long time.

I have many reasons to do this travel. The first one is to learn  languages. I want to practice my spanish. And by starting my travel in Brazil, I hope to learn Portuguese. I think it’s a part of our sport : Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

My second reason is the experience, the life’s experience. We learn a lot by travelling about the world, the life and ourselves.
I like to meet people and listen to people’s stories. They’re like books and sometimes you can live unpredictable times with them.

My third reason is I like the nature, landscapes, mountains, trees, rivers… There are so many beautiful things to see on earth…

And above all, I want to meet others bjj addicts, roll in many others places and learn more BJJ.

So before to stay somewhere, my goal is to travel to discover new horizons!

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26 September 2015